The diagrams below show the vortex based mathematics involved in the fractal nature of consciousness and the process of Ascension that it goes throught. The expression (ML2/T) + X2 + Y2 - DT2 is the formula used to represent the Ascension of consciousness and the soul itself. The (ML2/T) is the photon X2 and the Y2 represent two forms of subtle energies that are present during the time of the Ascension which help to take distance and time out of the equation for an existence that stretches into infinity all at once.

Each consciousness experiences what we call a past a present and a future which are all part of a standing wave that is present in a photon containing a particle and wave aspect to it. The wave aspect of the photon causes it to spiral in waves much like the pattern seen within the DNA. The Rodin coil (see fractal mathematics video, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13) which is the atomic model for a photon shows that it is a captured standing wave of probabilities inside an electromagnetic torus. These electromagnetic toruses are capable of transmitting and receiving information onto themselves as living cells of pure energy.

This spiral of energy is what we could consider to be the fingerprint of God in the architecture used to create the universe that we live in and the life that we experience on a daily basis. This fingerprint is light in action which promotes the capability for life to exists since life itself is just a trick of the light which is used to create the holographic or illusory type dimension that is connected to our senses. Each individual who exists on earth uses the light within these photons to help create the light body they will posses after death. Our human body is composed of trillions of cells which sprouted from just the one cell of our birth which seems to also correlate to the characteristics of the Big Bang as well.

Each human on planet earth was created in a Big Bang between their mother and their father and the universe seems to have this same kind of pattern to it once you associate the parental aspects of it to God as well. The human spirit and consciousness is what develops its own light body in the heavens from a collection of encoded photons which contain the information, memory and consciousness that makes up that person. In order for a person to acheive the Ascension process they have to build up the light cells of their own body to be born again into it. Failure to be able to do this will result in a miscarriage of the light body which will throw the persons information, memory and consciousness into non existence, so in other words they will abort themselves.

The cosmic comparison between the cosmic web and the neural net shows that there is an existence in a celestial form that lives on a higher plane in the heavens which is entangled with all other known verses that God created.