The diagrams below represent the Tree of Life  (see tree of life video) or 10 sephiroth from the Kabballa which express the quantum singularity event known as the Big Bang. The illustrations of the before the fall of Eden and after the fall of Eden represent the Big Bang expansion of a Photon. The photon is expressed as ML2/T and is the cosmic goose egg which gave birth to the particle/wave type universe that we exist in. The 2 pillars of the tree of life are reflected as the force fields and the matter fields and their parallels are the pillar of mercy and the pillar of judgement.

This is also expressed as a temple which has the 2 pillars of Solomons temple called Jachin and Boaz which relate to biblical texts. They are also aspects of plasma and aether which are also reflected in the big bang as a hot gas controlled by invisible forces. Within the numerics of the 10 in comparison to the universe we see that the 1's and 0's (10) are used to create the universe and our base 10 mathematics. This 10 is also related to the 10 commandments, the 10 dimensions, our 10 major organs, the 10 celestial objects of our solar system, our 10 fingers and 10 toes, our 10 body systems and our 10 month birth cycle (40 weeks). 

The rapid expansion of the photon splits the wave and particle aspect of the photon in 2 which creates the 4 fundamental forces of our universe and the protons that go along with it. The 4 fixed points of the zodiac represent these 4 forces which are Gravity, Electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force and the electroweak forces. They can be compared to DNA and the coding we have as G,A,C and T in our bodies which are a direct reflection of the universe and the cosmic consciousness of God.  The serpents of the illustration match the filaments within the cosmic web which extend out towards the cosmic light horizon of the expanded photon. Biblically a photon or light bearer could be related to the light of knowledge and that of good and evil. It is also the apple of the eye which enters through our lenses that helps us to see objects and to see knowledge with our 3rd eye or brain.

The 7 level multivers is also contained within these 10 sephiroth which add weight to the God body which has an infinite number of universes contained within each 7 level multiverse. These can also be related to the 7 zodiac symbols present in the image that could also be related to the 7 stars of this multiverse as well. The dragon of the illlustration starts with 7 heads and 10 horns in the before the fall of eden towards a dragon with 8 heads and 11 horns which could represent the infinity and DNA characteristics in it's design and the 11th dimension could be that of time.